1632 Read-Through 03: Heading for War

1632 Read-Through 03: Heading for War

June 29, 2022 davidkeener 0

Welcome to Episode 3 of my 1632 Read-Through, my venture to read, and review, all of the major books (and many of the ancillary ones) in Eric Flint’s shared “Ring of Fire” universe. For this month, I read 1633, by Eric Flint and David Weber.

Hourlings Podcast Project, S2E11 - Handy Websites

Hourlings Podcast Project: Handy Websites (24m)

June 19, 2022 davidkeener 0

This episode’s topic is “Handy Websites,” in which our illustrious panel discusses their favorite writing-related websites and tools. Let’s face it…writing is hard. Any website or tool that can make your life easier is a big deal!

Balticon SF Convention

Balticon 54 and 55 Videos

June 14, 2022 davidkeener 1

So, I went off looking for the videos for this year’s Balticon 56. After all, it was a hybrid convention, with both an in-person and a virtual track. Well, they’re not up yet…but I found the videos for 2020 and 2021 (when it was all virtual). Check it out!
[6/18/22] The Balticon 56 videos are now available for conference attendees (including virtual attendees).

1632 Read-Through, Ep. 2 - Strategizing

1632 Read-Through 02: Strategizing

June 8, 2022 davidkeener 1

If you’re going to tackle a read-through of a sprawling, convoluted, shared universe of novels and anthologies like the “1632” series (also known as the “Ring of Fire” series for the mysterious incident that sent the town of Grantville back in time), then you need a strategy. Fortunately, the 1632 community has provided some aids to help with this…

Hourlings Podcast Project, S2E9 - Medicine in Fiction

Hourlings Podcast Project: Medicine in Fiction (24m)

June 5, 2022 davidkeener 0

This episode’s topic is “Medicine in Fiction,” in which our illustrious panel discusses how medicine is handled in stories. From the effects of vacuum and zero-G on astronauts to the dangers of new worlds, from man-made viruses to nano-threats, our authors will cover everything they can think of. They’ll also talk about their favorite examples of doctors in SF books.

Balticon 56 - Convention View

Balticon 56

June 4, 2022 davidkeener 0

Here’s my Balticon 56 Convention Report. Overall, I had a great time at the convention, my first since the start of the pandemic.

Hourlings Podcast Project, S2E8, "Food!"

Hourlings Podcast Project: Food (24m)

May 29, 2022 davidkeener 0

Food is more than just fuel. In this episode, our illustrious panel discusses the ways that authors can leverage food in their stories. Food can be used to set mood, expose emotions, add a touch of the exotic to a setting, and so many other things.

Gaithersburg Book Festival

Gaithersburg Book Festival, 2022

May 28, 2022 davidkeener 0

The Gaithersburg Book Festival was a lot of fun, though I went there for business reasons, too. I was particularly interested in the event as a venue for book sales. Come check out my report!