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I began publishing short stories and novelettes in 2017, mostly in various Anthologies. Since then, Tannhauser Press has seen fit to re-publish most of them as ebooks, as well as deluxe print editions with extras such as worldbuilding details, extra vignettes, etc. I have also begun publishing novels, as well. Most of my stories are set in various loosely connected series.


My first novel was published in 2021, with more on the way.

Clash by Night Clash By Night: It’s 2114 and a traveling exhibition of priceless artwork has gone missing in war-ravaged Brazil. Emily Dunkirk and her band of mercenaries and art historians have a bold plan to rescue the works.

Pub: Dec 2021 — 204 pages

An Inflection Point story


Novelettes – Thousand Kingdoms Series

The Thousand Kingdoms is a second-world fantasy series, which means that it’s set in another world that’s not based on any particular time real-world antecedents. Unlike most fantasy series, magic is relatively common and elite mages can be exceedingly dangerous.

Jonelle Crosse Jonelle Crosse: Jonelle is a Cleaner, an elite mage who hunts demons and cleans up after magical battles. It’s a dangerous job…but it pays well.

Coming Soon

Pub: Feb 2024 — 104 pages

Bitter Days (Cover) Bitter Days: Pageeda may be a young, homeless girl living on the streets of Cosaturi, but she’ll do whatever it takes to track down the brutes who kidnapped her older sister.

Pub: Apr 2023 — 134 pages

The Rooftop Game (Cover) The Rooftop Game: Lydio Malik is the Royal Bodyguard for the infant Princess Analisa. Trapped by assassins, he finds a unique way to hold them off.

Pub: Sep 2018 — 140 pages

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I promote my novelettes as Quick Reads, for people who want to read a good story, but don’t have a lot of time. They’re published as ebooks, but also have a print edition with extras that aren’t in the ebooks. I sell a lot of these print editions at conventions, but they’re also available from Amazon. Incidentally, “The Jakarta Breach” is currently only available to Newsletter subscribers.

The Jakarta Breach (Cover) The Jakarta Breach: In a future where technology is out of control, it takes a special kind of agent to protect the world from Zero Day terrorist threats.

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Pub: May 2023 — 90 pages

An Inflection Point story

Road Trip (Cover) Road Trip: Rocco Fitch is a disabled, down-on-his-luck Marine vet who got tricked into buying a magical road. Somebody is going to be very sorry they messed with a Marine.

Pub: Dec 2021 — 104 pages

A Roadwerks story

An Unlikely Hero An Unlikely Hero: Malcolm Jameson is planning to throw himself off a bridge when a passing bicyclist stops and hands him a magic book. Unsurprisingly, the book has a considerably different plan for Malcolm. And a bad attitude.

Pub: Feb 2021 — 96 pages
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The Whispering Voice (Cover) The Whispering Voice: Anna Brodie has a problem. She’s got to rob a bank, or a gang of criminals will kill her family. Desperately seeking a way out, she finds help…magical help…where she least expects it.

Pub: Nov 2019 — 58 pages

Free Stories

Enjoy a delightful variety of free offerings, from “On Fighting Evil,” which became the impetus for The Forever Inn anthology; to “The Match,” “Crossing the Chasm,” and “Winter Roses,” which are stories meant to be spoken out loud to an audience; and to “Bullets, Beer & Gear,” which is really a fun add-on to my Inflection Point series.

On Fighting Evil On Fighting Evil: Rocco Fitch experiences the weirdest interview of his life in a mysterious inn that shouldn’t possibly exist…but does.

A Forever Inn story.

Pub: Dec 2016 – 6 pages

The Match (Cover) The Match: A man engages in an unusual high-stakes wager in order to support his family during the height of the Great Depression. Historical, based on a true story.

Pub: Feb 2015 — 6 pages
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Winter Roses (Cover) Winter Roses: The young heir to the mountainous Cragenrath Kingdom thought he’d met the love of his life. Instead, he got a lesson in crime, betrayal, magic and revenge.

A Thousand Kingdoms story.

Pub: June 2015 — 5 pages

Crossing the Chasm (Cover) Crossing the Chasm: A mighty warrior on a treasure-seeking quest encounters an unexpected ordeal in which his physical skills, weapons and magical artifacts are useless. What, then, is a warrior to do?

Pub: Jan 2015 — 5 pages
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Foreclosure (Cover) Foreclosure: Little Johnny goes trick-or-treating. He’s not the only one. A Halloween story in just 101 words (counting the title).

Pub: May 2017 — 101 words

Bullets, Beer & Gear Bullets, Beer & Gear: A free newsletter from Jo Jo’s Ironmongery, a top gun shop in 2114 (actually, it’s a gear compendium for the Inflection Point series).

Pub: Aug 2021 — 1954 words