This is the definitive list of where and when all my stories have been published, organized by year. Future publications are listed only if the dates are sufficiently definitive. In other words, more stuff may be published in a current year or future year than is listed, but won’t be shown until the dates are firm.


Title Date Genre Class Words Where?
Thousand Kingdoms, The

  • Rooftop Game, The
  • Death Comes to Town
  • Bitter Days
  • Jonelle Crosse
  • Winter Roses
Oct 2024 Fantasy Collection 80K Book
I.R.L. Oct 2024 SF Novel 80K Book
Dustbowl Detective Aug 2024 SF Short Story 7K Book
Stone Spirits Jun 2024 Fantasy Novel 80K Book
Invisible May 2024 Fantasy Novelette 25K Book
Finders Keepers Mar 2024 SF Novel ~60K Book
Jonelle Crosse Feb 2024 Fantasy Novelette 11K Book


Title Date Genre Class Words Where?
Pivot Point Nov 2023 Fantasy Novelette ~16K Book
Hunting Expedition
—In The Forever Inn
Oct 2023 Fantasy Novella ~35K Anthology
Banner Yet Waves Oct 2023 SF Novelette ~12K Book
—In Clocks
Sep 2023 Fantasy Novelette 16K Anthology
Death Comes to Town Aug 2023 Fantasy Novella ~19.7K Anthology
Dustbowl Detective
—In Solar Flare
Jul 2023 SF Short Story 7K Anthology
Jakarta Breach, The
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May 2023 SF Novelette 10.7K Reader Magnet
Bitter Days Apr 2023 Fantasy Novella 17K Book
Jonelle Crosse
—In Fantastic Detectives
Mar 2023 Fantasy Novelette 11.5K Anthology


Title Date Genre Class Words Where?
Stone Spirits
—In Restless Spirits
Feb 2022 Fantasy Novelette 10.3K Book


Title Date Genre Class Words Where?
Clash by Night Dec 2021 SF Novella 32K Book
Road Trip
—With On Fighting Evil & Extras
Dec 2021 Fantasy Novelette 15.3K Book
Bullets, Beer & Gear
—Add-On for the Inflection Point series
Aug 2021 SF Faux Newsletter 2K Ebook
The Rooftop Game
—In Fantastic Defenders
Mar 2021 Fantasy Novelette 16.3K Anthology
An Unlikely Hero
—Formerly The Good Book
Feb 2021 Fantasy Novelette 10.4K Book


Title Date Genre Class Words Where?
Finders Keepers
—In Black Market
Dec 2020 SF Novella 42.3K Anthology


Title Date Genre Class Words Where?
Death Comes to Town
—In The Outsiders
Nov 2019 Fantasy Novella 19.7K Anthology
The Whispering Voice Nov 2019 Fantasy Short Story 6.4K Book


Title Date Genre Class Words Where?
Clash by Night
—In The Curator
Dec 2018 SF Novella ~29.5K Anthology
The Rooftop Game
—With Winter Roses & Extras
Sep 2018 Fantasy Novelette 17.5K Book
The Whispering Voice
—In Second Round: A Return to the Ur-Bar
Jun 2018 Fantasy Short Story 6.4K Anthology


Title Date Genre Class Words Where?
Foreclosure Oct 2017 Horror Microfiction 0.1K Online
The Rooftop Game
—In Fantastic Defenders
May 2017 Fantasy Novelette 16.3K Anthology
The Good Book May 2017 Fantasy Novelette 10.4K Book
Interview with David Keener May 2017 Non-Fiction Interview 1.6K Online
Winter Roses
—In Tranquility and Other Myths
Apr 2017 Fantasy Microfiction 1.2K Anthology


Title Date Genre Class Words Where?
Road Trip
—In Reliquary
Dec 2016 Fantasy Novelette 13.6K Anthology
On Fighting Evil Dec 2016 Fantasy Short Story 1.7K Online


Title Date Genre Class Words Where?
Winter Roses
—In Uncommon Threads
Jun 2015 Fantasy Microfiction 1.2K Anthology
The Match Feb 2015 Historical Microfiction 1.5K Online
Crossing the Chasm Jan 2015 Fantasy Microfiction 1.2K Online


In terms of the amount of content published annually:

2023: ~200K Words
2022: 10.3K Words
2021: 89K Words
2020: 42.3K Words
2019: 26.1K Words
2018: 53.4K Words
2017: 29.6K Words
2016: 15.3K Words
2015: 3.9K Words