Many of my stories are part of various loosely linked series, because—hey— why waste all that lovely world-building on just one story…

The Thousand Kingdoms

Adventure and danger abound in a world where a thousand kingdoms sprawl across a vast continent, loosely ruled by a cadre of powerful mages who care nothing about the plight of the common people. But there are threats lurking in the shadows, and even this mighty empire may someday…fall.

  • A Most Dangerous Man (upcoming)
    • In solo edition as A Most Dangerous Man
    • Features the Keeper’s Guild
  • Bitter Days
    • In solo edition as Bitter Days
    • Features Pageeda & Scuffee
  • Death Comes to Town
    • In solo edition as Death Comes to Town (upcoming)
    • In anthology The Outsiders
    • Features Tavish Kraighdu, Blacksmith/Detective, vs. the Faceless Assassin
  • Death Goes to a Ball
    • In solo edition (upcoming)
    • Features the Faceless Assassin
  • Invisible
    • In anthology Clocks (upcoming)
    • Features Jonelle Crosse
  • Jonelle Crosse
  • Last Day on the Job (upcoming)
    • A Royal Protectors story: featuring Lydio Malik, Royal Bodyguard
  • The Rooftop Game
  • Stone Spirits
  • Winter Roses
Inflection Point

Welcome to the future. The 21st century was a bit rough on the world, what with global warming,  the general meltdown called the Time of Troubles, and even that pesky civil war that splintered the former United States. Let’s hope the 22nd century is a little better…

  • Banner Yet Waves (upcoming)
    • A hopepunk story
  • Clash by Night
    • In solo edition as Clash By Night
    • Featuring Emily Dunkirk and Ghost Team
  • Dustbowl Detective
    • In anthology Solar Flare
    • A hopepunk story featuring Ulysses Perez, a freelance detective
  • Finders, Keepers
    • In anthology Black Market
    • Featuring Cal McCallister & Fen (his wardog companion)
  • I.R.L. (upcoming)
    • A story about a futuristic half-virtual/half-live role-playing game and reality show
  • The Jakarta Breach
    • Available to Newsletter subscribers only
    • Featuring Parker McCloud, a military anti-terrorist operative
      • Grandfather of Travis McCloud from Clash by Night
      • Grandfather of Gavin McCloud from Finders Keepers

Roadwerks LLC

Rocco Fitch never planned it, but somehow he’d become the owner of the Road, a mysterious and magical highway connecting the real world with the realms of Faerie. A violent, lawless place, he’s going to have to find a way to tame the Road and manage the dangerous factions that want to control it, or he may find himself in an early grave.

  • Road Trip
  • The Fast and the Curious (upcoming)
  • Code Red Emergency (upcoming)
  • On Fighting Evil
    • As a bonus story in Road Trip
    • Online for free
    • In anthology The Forever Inn

The Forever Inn

This magical inn travels throughout the multiverse, staying in each milieu for a few days or a week before moving on. The Forever Inn allows individuals from different times and places, even entirely different realities, to interact with each other, to exchange ideas and to learn from each other. And, sometimes, to have adventures…

  • The Forever Inn (upcoming)
    • A Shared Setting anthology
  • Bad Neighborhood
    • In anthology The Forever Inn
  • Fairy Tale Ending
    • In anthology The Forever Inn
  • Hunting Expedition
    • In anthology The Forever Inn
  • On Fighting Evil
    • As a bonus story in Road Trip
    • Online for free
    • In anthology The Forever Inn

Forlorn Hopes

Khalish is an old, old god left over from the times before recorded history. Those few who know of him call him the God of Forlorn Hopes. Magic may have mostly left the world, and Khalish may be the weakest of gods, but he will make a difference…one person at a time.