Free Stories / Hand-Outs

Enjoy a delightful variety of free offerings, from “On Fighting Evil,” which became the impetus for The Forever Inn anthology; to “The Match” and “Winter Roses,” which are stories meant to be spoken out loud to an audience; and to “Bullets, Beer & Gear,” which is really a fun add-on to my Inflection Point series.

Free Stories

On Fighting Evil On Fighting Evil: Rocco Fitch experiences the weirdest interview of his life in a mysterious inn that shouldn’t possibly exist…but does.

A Forever Inn story.

Pub: Dec 2016 – 6 pages

The Match (Cover) The Match: A man engages in an unusual high-stakes wager in order to support his family during the height of the Great Depression. Historical, based on a true story.

Pub: Feb 2015 — 6 pages
HTML Video

Learn more about Robert Hjort, the star of the story.

Winter Roses (Cover) Winter Roses: The young heir to the mountainous Cragenrath Kingdom thought he’d met the love of his life. Instead, he got a lesson in crime, betrayal, magic and revenge.

A Thousand Kingdoms story.

Pub: June 2015 — 5 pages

Foreclosure Foreclosure: Little Johnny goes trick-or-treating. He’s not the only one. A Halloween story in just 101 words (counting the title).

Pub: May 2017 — 101 words


Cosaturi District Map Cosaturi District Map: A map of the Tween, a rough and tumble district in the Lowtown area of Cosaturi, a gritty seaport city where Bitter Days takes place. Hi-res 17×22 inch poster.

Pub: Nov 2023 — Graphic Poster

Bullets, Beer & Gear Bullets, Beer & Gear: A free newsletter from Jo Jo’s Ironmongery, a top gun shop in 2114 (actually, it’s a gear compendium for the Inflection Point series).

Pub: Aug 2021 — 1954 words

Post Apocalyptic Stories Post-Apocalyptic Stories: There are lots of post-apocalyptic stories that are worth your attention. I compiled a list of some of the most memorable books, and a few movies, for a Balticon panel.

Balticon, May 25, 2018

Non-Superhero Comics Non-Superhero Comics: I compiled a handout of the most entertaining non-superhero comics I could find for a Balticon panel. I’ve also added additional recommendations from my fellow panelists.

Balticon, May 26, 2018