Lone Survivor

Indie Writing Life: S1E6 – Launch Survivor

February 22, 2024 davidkeener 0

Welcome to Episode 6 of “Indie Writing Life,” my weekly series about my ongoing activities as an indie writer. This week: book launch prep, a progress report on my WIP, an initial outline for a new post-apocalyptic novel, critiques for my WIP, and reading a good book on book launches.

Death Comes To Town

Death Comes to Town Cover Image

January 31, 2024 davidkeener 0

This cover image is for my upcoming book “Death Comes to Town,” which is a Crime story (with a small touch of Horror) that takes place in a Fantasy setting. One of the key scenes is a duel fought between two highly accomplished sword-wielders on a snow-covered hill. The image was created by Glenn Porter, a highly accomplished graphic artist who does conceptual work for films and electronic games. With some authorized Photoshop modifications by me.

Ravencon, featuring David Keener

Ravencon 17!!!

January 29, 2024 davidkeener 0

Meet author David Keener at Ravencon 17 from April 26-28, 2024 at Virginia Crossings Hotel in Glen Allen, VA! Ravencon is a fan-run Science Fiction and Fantasy convention that was conceived by a dedicated group of fans in 2005. Their goal is to create a forum in which fans and professionals can interact and share their interests in literature, art, gaming, podcasting, costuming, science, and music.


Books That Feel Like Fantasy…but Aren’t

January 27, 2024 davidkeener 0

I suggested “Books That Feel Like Fantasy But Aren’t” as a topic for one of our podcasts for the Hourlings Podcast Project. My fellow podcast-inators looked at me like I had two heads. So, I decided to do it as a blog post instead since they clearly weren’t feeling the sheer brilliance of my idea.