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David Keener speaks about science fiction
Dave Keener at the GFIRST Cyber Security Conference
David Keener In An Interview
Dave Manning the Video Camera
Dave Presenting in an Auditorium
Dave Giving His "The Finest Legacy" Talk
David Keener at the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival
Fugitive from the Cubicle Police

My name is David Keener and I write science fiction, fantasy and mystery stories, sometimes all at the same time. I like creating mash-ups with twists and turns that defy expectations, liberally infused with humor but still deeply rooted in the realm of drama, not outright comedy.

Many of my stories feature heroes who, through no fault of their own, are underdogs…because these are the types of heroes who inspire me. Most of my stories feature crimes of one sort or another, because people will always be people and somewhere, no matter whether it’s a fantasy realm or a far-off planet, there will be evildoers who need to be brought to justice.

Official Biography

For anybody who wants to write about me, this is my official biography. You’re equally welcome to cobble something together from anything else on this page, referenced by this page or on my web site. All of the pictures on this page are also free to use when writing about me or my books.

David Keener is an author, artist and public speaker. He writes science fiction, fantasy and mystery but loves the idea of mashing up his favorite genres in new and (hopefully) unexpected ways. He frequently speaks at conferences/conventions and has conducted a number of well-received writing workshops. He lives in northern Virginia with his wife, who puts up with all of his odd habits, and three (large) dogs, who actually rule the household.

More About Me

I’m a writer, editor, long-time science fiction and fantasy fan, a dedicated movie buff, and a regular attendee of annual conventions like the World Science Fiction Convention, Balticon and Capclave.

If you’d like to know more about me, here are some useful links:

More About My Books

I published my first book, a novelette called An Unlikely Hero, in May 2017. Having dipped my toes into the indie publishing pool in 2017, and having built up a backlog of stories, I started regularly publishing more books in 2018. All my works are published in both ebook and print editions, as well as audiobook editions starting in late 2023. The following links provide the most up-to-date information about 1) what I have published (or have scheduled for publication), and 2) what’s in the works.

Anthology Appearances

My first published story appeared in an anthology in 2015. I’ve been appearing steadily in anthologies since then. For a list of my anthology appearances, check out my Bibliography page, which will show any anthology that’s out or definitively scheduled.