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Welcome to the future. The 21st century was a bit rough on the world, what with global warming,  the general meltdown called the Time of Troubles, and even that pesky civil war that splintered the former United States. Let’s hope the 22nd century is a little better…

It’s 2114 and a traveling exhibition of priceless artwork has gone missing in war-ravaged Brazil. Emily Dunkirk and her band of mercenaries and art historians have a bold plan to rescue the works. Unfortunately, they have competition…

From the back cover:

Behind Enemy Lines

Emily Dunkirk had her life all planned. College. A doctorate in art history, with a cushy job as a museum curator to follow. She never expected to find herself in a war zone chasing the most famous lost treasure of the last century…

The One World United Art Exhibition went missing in Brazil during its worldwide tour three decades ago when civil war broke out. More than two hundred priceless works of art, thought lost forever.

But now they’ve finally surfaced…the leaders of the losing side in the war are about to sell them and bug out.

It’s up to Emily and a rag-tag band of art historians and mercenaries to rescue the priceless paintings. All they have to do is infiltrate behind enemy lines, grab the goodies, elude their relentless pursuers, and escape two armies.

What could go wrong?

What the Readers Say

Five Star Rating Intense and Action-Packed
By Stephanie M

Fantastic read by David Keener. Weaving in the idea of a rooftop chess game was masterfully done. I loved the protagonist’s underdog status within the Phoenix Guard, and how he used that to his advantage to maintain his defensive position on the roof as he protected his charge with his life. His charge. His.

As a parent, my heart was in my throat for much of the story, and I was on the edge of my seat until the very end. I can’t wait to read more from Keener’s Thousand Kingdoms world.

Five Star Rating Great Action, Detailed Setting, and Combat Mages!

The author spins an amazing tale of swords and sorcery with underdog Lydio Malik fighting against insane odds. A riveting tale I couldn’t put down. There was a sample chapter for another book set in the same realm, “Bitter Days” and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I highly recommend this book.

Five Star Rating Action Adventure
By mwilsey

This is a great story of swords and sorcery. It’s got heroes, princesses, villains, castles and magic.

And it has a Royal Bodyguard who is having a really bad day.

Great stuff. I just wish it was longer. I am looking forward to more from this author.

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