Operation Soundstorm

Operation Soundstorm

August 11, 2023 davidkeener 5

So, I’ve been cooking up a little something with the guidance of my fellow author Martin Wilsey. I’m in the process of getting all my published works available as audiobooks, an endeavor I hope to have complete by the end of the year. Of course, everything sounds better if it has a cool codename, so this is…Operation Soundstorm.

The Jakarta Breach

The Jakarta Breach

July 2, 2023 davidkeener 0

This is the cover for my latest Mil-SF/Mystery novelette, “The Jakarta Breach,” which is part of my Inflection Point series. I’m doing something a little different with this one. Find out more…


Anthology Overload!

February 5, 2023 davidkeener 0

Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it pours. The Scheduling Gods have spoken…and apparently I’ll have FOUR stories appearing in anthologies in 2023. Definitely a record for me! Here are the stories…

Pageeda and Scuffee

Cover Reveal: Bitter Days

January 13, 2023 davidkeener 1

Here’s the cover reveal for my upcoming book, “Bitter Days.” It’s a crime story, set in a gritty fantasy city, featuring a young orphan girl (and her cat). The book is coming out in April, 2023.

Road Trip Thumbnail

Road Trip Release

February 17, 2022 davidkeener 0

My new novelette, Road Trip, is now available in the ebook format from Amazon, and in print from vendors like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, […]

Road Trip - Detail

Road Trip Blurb

December 2, 2021 davidkeener 1

The blurb for “Road Trip,” my next book, which is being published by the end of December, 2021. Check it out!

Bullets, Beer & Gear

Bullets, Beer & Gear

August 29, 2021 dkeener 0

Check out this faux newsletter from the “Inflection Point” series. It’s really an equipment compendium disguised as a faux “in-universe” opinionated newsletter from Jo Jo’s Ironmongery.

Infiltration Boat

Preview: Clash by Night

August 19, 2021 dkeener 0

Check out this preview, a brief excerpt from “Clash by Night,” a military SF story about a behind-enemy-lines artwork heist.

Winter Roses at SmashWords

Released “Winter Roses” via SmashWords

April 3, 2021 dkeener 0

“Winter Roses” is one of the first fantasy short stories I wrote, way back in 2013. It’s too short to really be marketable, so I’ve released it globally for free using SmashWords. Available in Epub, Mobi, PDF and HTML. Not available on Amazon, since I can’t count on them price-matching.