Strong Heroes Need Strong Heroes

Strong Stories Need Strong Heroes

November 17, 2023 davidkeener 0

I was invited by the Loudoun County Library System (LCLS) to present a workshop at the Cascades Library in Sterling, VA. As I always do, I make the PDFs of my workshop presentations available online.

Pivot Point Outline

Laying Out a Story

October 22, 2022 davidkeener 0

Sometimes it’s useful to use cards to lay out a story. I didn’t have cards, so I came up with an alternative so I could arrange this complex time-shifting story properly.

Presenting at Capclave 2022

Capclave 2022 Workshops

September 20, 2022 davidkeener 2

This year, I presented Capclave with a choice of two brand-new writing workshops. They’re both more convention-level polished versions of workshops I’ve run for the my writing group (the Hourlings Writing Group).

Much to my surprise, they chose BOTH.

Kindle Create

Producing an Ebook Using Kindle Create

May 13, 2021 dkeener 0

Learn how to produce ebooks for Amazon using their new preferred method, which is Kindle Create. You’ll use this to create a KPF file, which you’ll upload to Amazon KDP as your ebook source.

Daedalus Seven Interior

Voyage of the Daedalus Seven, Part 2

April 7, 2021 dkeener 0

The Daedalus Seven is a vast generation ship with multiple, diverse habitats on a doomed, never-ending voyage. Your mission is to design the civilizations, flora, fauna, and geographical conditions of the ship’s remaining habitable areas. Part 2 of a three-part world-building exercise.

Daedalus Seven Interior

Voyage of the Daedalus Seven, Part 1

March 27, 2021 dkeener 0

Find out about the doomed voyage of the Daedalus Seven, a vast generation ship with multiple, diverse habitats. Part 1 of a three-part world-building exercise. This installment covers the basic design of the starship, its habitats, and crew-accessible operational facilities.

Good Book vs. Unlikely Hero

Cover Comparison

February 20, 2021 dkeener 0

How much difference does a cover make? A lot. In this case, my story was about a man who had nothing left to live for. […]

Writing Killer Fight Scenes

Writing Killer Fight Scenes

January 1, 2021 dkeener 0

I ran this workshop at Capclave 2018, but somehow never found the chance to get the workshop published online. Well, it’s now available on, […]