Beta Review Questionnaires

May 28, 2023 davidkeener 0

Beta Review Questionnaires are an excellent method for extracting the maximum benefit from the Beta Review process. Sample questionnaire provided in PDF form.

Pageeda and Scuffee

Preview: Bitter Days

May 8, 2023 davidkeener 0

My new story, “Bitter Days,” is a mashup…a crime story in a fantasy setting. Pageeda is a young orphan girl living on the streets of a gritty port city. When her older sister goes missing, she has to track down the men who took her.

Cosaturi District Map

Cosaturi: The Tween District and Map

May 2, 2023 davidkeener 0

The protagonist of “Bitter Days,” my latest story set in the gritty fantasy seaport of Cosaturi, features a homeless orphan girl named Pageeda growing up in the Tween, a rough and tumble district in the city’s Lowtown area. A map and associated key for the Tween district were included in the book, and are also included here for your enjoyment.