Books That Feel Like Fantasy…but Aren’t

January 27, 2024 davidkeener 0

I suggested “Books That Feel Like Fantasy But Aren’t” as a topic for one of our podcasts for the Hourlings Podcast Project. My fellow podcast-inators looked at me like I had two heads. So, I decided to do it as a blog post instead since they clearly weren’t feeling the sheer brilliance of my idea.

Invisible: Cast of Characters

Invisible: Cast of Characters

January 23, 2024 davidkeener 0

I often do a Cast of Characters cheat sheet for my stories. Here’s the one for my upcoming novella, “Invisible” (this is a working title, so it will probably change later). This helps me keep some of the details of my characters straight.

Death Comes To Town

Preview: Death Comes to Town

January 17, 2024 davidkeener 0

Blacksmith Tavish Kraigdhu is enjoying a well-deserved retirement from the Salasian Third Legion in the foothills of the Cragenrath Mountains. Sanders Avarez is trying to live up to the impossible expectations of his harsh father, the richest man in the bustling mining town of Shargol.
Nothing will ever be the same for either of them when…death comes to town…

Hourlings Podcast Project S4E1

Hourlings Podcast S4E1 – 2023 In Review, 2024 Goals (23m)

January 11, 2024 davidkeener 0

S4E1 of the Hourlings Podcast Project (23 minutes) is now available on YouTube. We’re back after a lengthy hiatus to discuss how 2023 went for us all from a writing perspective. After giving all of our excuses for falling off our planned schedules for 2023, we’ll turn to the bright and shiny 2024 and prognosticate on our goals for the new year.

East LA in 2114

Preview: Finders Keepers

January 7, 2024 davidkeener 0

My upcoming novel, Finders Keepers, is an SF/Mystery story set in my loosely connected Inflection Point series. In a future Los Angeles still suffering the ravages of a second Civil War, private detective Cal McCallister takes on a case to track down a kidnapped clone. For sure, he’ll need the help of his dog Fen to track down the perpetrators.

Dave's New Business Card

We Have Business Cards

December 18, 2023 davidkeener 0

Honestly, most business cards are boring. They really are. But I keep ending up in situations where I need them to hand out…and it sucks to not have them. The way I figure it, though, as a writer…I’m in the entertainment business. If I’m going to have cards, I want them to be memorable. Check it out now!

Clash by Night - A Recipe for Action

Clash by Night Promotion

December 11, 2023 davidkeener 0

What could be better for Christmas than your very own copy of my best-selling story of 2023, Clash by Night?
Join Emily Dunkirk and her band of mercenaries and art historians as they travel up the Amazon River to rescue a priceless cash of stolen paintings.

Friday’s Film Vault: Godzilla Minus One

December 8, 2023 davidkeener 0

I saw “Godzilla Minus One” last weekend at the theater with my brother. It’s a 15-million-dollar Godzilla movie featuring Japanese actors and subtitles. Oh, and it’s a historical drama, set right after World War II.

Best movie I’ve seen all year