Buy List

Here are some books and DVD’s that are on my “To-Buy” list:


  • The Guns Above – Robyn Bennis, Book 1 in the Signal Airship series
  • By Fire Above – Robyn Bennis, Book 2 in the Signal Airship series
  • The Great Steamboat Race – John Brunner (used)
  • Save the World – Edited by J. Scott Coatsworth (has companion volume, “Fix the World”)
  • Death Rides the Zephyr – Janet Dawson, Book 1 of a train-based mystery series
  • Road of Bones – Christopher Golden
  • Near the Bone – Christina Henry
  • Bloody Jack – L. A. Meyer, Book 1 of a 12-book series
  • Equal Rites – Terry Pratchett, Eskarina’s Trilogy Book 1 (in Discworld series)
  • Blackening Song – Aimee & David Thurlo, start of a Native American mystery series
  • Shadows & Reflections – Trent Zelazny, etc. – Roger Zelazny Tribute Anthology