Completed Stories

This page lists all of my completed stories, divided into Published Stories and Upcoming. The “Pub” column indicates how they’ve been published (or how they’re scheduled to be published for the Upcoming list): A for “Anthology” or S for “Solo” publication. The “WC” column is the wordcount, while the “Pages” column provides an estimate of the number of pages if published in a mass market paperback.

Published Stories

Here’s an alphabetical list of my published stories.

Title Pub Type WC Pages
Bitter Days

Pageeda, a young homeless girl living in the gritty port city of Cosaturi, struggles to hunt down the men who kidnapped her older sister. She is assisted by Scuffee, a young but strangely intelligent and oversized kitten.

S Fantasy 18K 72
Clash by Night

It’s 2114 and a traveling exhibition of priceless artwork has gone missing in war-ravaged Brazil. Emily Dunkirk and her band of mercenaries and art historians have a bold plan to rescue the works.

A,S Mil-SF, Crime 32K 128
Death Comes to Town

Blacksmith Tavish Kraigdhu was enjoying a well-deserved retirement from the Salasian Third Legion in the foothills of the Cragenrath Mountains when…death came to town. And nothing would ever be the same for the battle-hardened warrior.

A Fantasy 19.7K 79
Dustbowl Detective

In a splintered America transformed by climate change and war, Ulysses Perez ekes out a living as a private investigator in the “scrublands,” the strife-torn desert areas that nobody cares about anymore. His next case: tracking down who stole the last ten cars from an AI-controlled train.

A SF 6.8K 27
Finders Keepers

In a world where clones are the new slave class, private detective Cal McCallister has just been paid a lot of cash to find an unregistered clone named Claudia who’s been snatched by a black market team of clone hunters. He’ll need all of his skills as an ex-soldier and an ex-cop to bring Claudia home. One thing for sure, he’s going to need the help of his dog Fen.

A Mil-SF, Crime 42.3 170
Jakarta Breach, The

Parker McCloud has been seconded from the US military to a United Nations unit fighting a whole new breed of terrorists and international threats.

S Mil-SF ~11K 44
Jonelle Crosse

Tolan Imrak is a courier, delivering messages and packages world-wide using his single magical talent, teleportation. He’s also bored out of his mind. So, when he encounters the cleaner, Jonelle Cross, who hunts demons and cleans up after magical battles, it’s like he’s encountered a whole new world of excitement and daring exploits. It doesn’t hurt that Jonelle is gorgeous, too.

A Fantasy 11.6K 47
Road Trip

Rocco Fitch is a disabled, down-on-his-luck Marine vet who got tricked into buying a magical road. Somebody is going to be very sorry they messed with a Marine.

A,S Urban Fantasy 13.6K 55
The Rooftop Game

Lydio Malik is the Royal Bodyguard for the infant Princess Analisa. Trapped by assassins, he finds a unique way to hold them off.

A,S Fantasy 16.3K 66
Stone Spirits

All that the young Doona Walraven wanted was to be a chef in her uncle’s famous restaurant. That dream ends when the riverboat she’s traveling on is taken by pirates. It turns out, Doona has a much different destiny, one that will change the world. But first, she needs to kill a LOT of pirates.

A Fantasy 10.3K 42
An Unlikely Hero

Malcolm Jameson is planning to throw himself off a bridge when a passing bicyclist stops and hands him a magic book. Unsurprisingly, the book has a considerably different plan for Malcolm. And a bad attitude.

S Fantasy 10.4K 43
The Whispering Voice

Anna Brodie has a problem. She’s got to rob a bank, or a gang of criminals will kill her family. Desperately seeking a way out, she finds help…magical help…where she least expects it.

A,S Urban Fantasy 6.4K 26


Here’s an alphabetical list of completed stories that are in the queue for publication, either in an anthology or as a solo publication.

Title Pub Type WC Pages
Banner Yet Waves

Freya Stanton may be the boss’s daughter, but that doesn’t give her much influence over the maritime dredging and construction company her family built up over generations, not now that her father is ill. But when opportunity comes knocking, she’s going to seize her moment…even if it means dealing with hijackers, absconding with a submarine, and creating an international incident.

S SF 10K 40
Hunting Expedition

When the Forever Inn, a magical tavern that appears in different times and places throughout the multiverse, settles in the Triassic, a diverse group of tourists goes on a hunting expedition. When their transportation is wrecked, they’re left stranded far from the inn. If they don’t get back in time, they’ll be trapped in the Triassic forever.

A Fantasy, SF 32K 128
Pivot Point

Jacques Guinyard is an airship capitain for the French Empire in 1832, fighting a deadly and unwinnable war against the forces of Faerie, led by the ruthless and implacable Elves. When he’s seconded to the mysterious Ministère de l’Innovation, he discovers that there’s more than one way to wage war.

S Fantasy, Steampunk 18K 72