An Unlikely Hero

An Unlikely Hero: A Novelette by David Keener

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Buy Now!An Unlikely Hero is a standalone novelette about a man whose life has been shattered so badly that he’s planning to end his life. Then fate intervenes in the form of a rather annoying magic book.

If you’re looking for a surprisingly humorous and uplifting look at life, this is the story for you. At only 56 pages, it’s also an ideal read for long commutes or just that spare moment you can grab from the press of everyday activities.

From the back cover:

Sometimes Hope Needs a Little Help

Malcolm Jameson has lost everything he ever cared about in the world. With nothing left to live for, he’s preparing to throw himself off a bridge when a passing bicyclist stops and gives him a book.

A magic book.

Unsurprisingly, the book has a considerably different plan for Malcolm. And a bad attitude.

One way or another, Malcolm’s life will never be the same.

What the Readers Say

Five Star Rating The magic book may have a bad attitude, but it’s a good story
By Martin Wilsey

Excellent story. The characters are well developed and it has an excellent premise. I would love to see this picked up as a foundation for a TV series. Even the cover is haunting once you read the story. At 56 pages it’s a nice easy read. The line, “This book is going to change your life, dude. I can feel it in my bones.” sets it off. I could not put it down after that.

Highly recommended.

Five Star Rating A story about a redeeming experience for a couple lives
By lady_of_mercia

Good, entertaining story about a man despairing of his life and the magic book that gives him a renewed purpose. Not a full-length novel, but a novelette. Funny in places, with an uplifting arc.

Five Star Rating Humorous
By Erica G.

I enjoyed the humor in this story. It was a fun read and sort of a feel-good book.

The book was my favorite character.

Five Star Rating Great story! I loved the concept

Great story! I loved the concept, and enjoyed the writing. Looking forward to more from this author!

About the Story

“This story has an interesting history,” says David Keener, the author. “Another writer in one of my writing groups submitted a story about a magic book. Now, there’s a saying in the speculative fiction field: ‘If you can remove the speculative element from an SF or Fantasy story…and the story still works…then it’s not really an SF or Fantasy story.’ I pointed out that this individual’s story didn’t pass the test, a criticism that I’m sure wasn’t really appreciated.”

The more David thought about that criticism, though, the more he came to think of the “magic book” idea as a challenge. It kept nagging at him until he decided to do something about it…to write his own “magic book” story.

“My idea,” David said, “involved a magic book that would change somebody’s life, which by itself isn’t a particularly unique idea. But I didn’t want the book to be some kind of static artifact or convenient McGuffin…I wanted it to be a character in and of itself. I wanted it to have a bit of attitude.” He laughs. “In fact, I wanted the magic book to be so integral to the story that the plot would collapse without it, like Sherlock Holmes without Watson or The War of the Worlds without any Martian invaders.”

To find out how well he succeeded, check out the An Unlikely Hero, now on sale on Amazon in print and ebook formats.

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