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Newsletter Staff
David Keener

I didn’t embark on doing a newsletter lightly. With my time constraints, including the Day Job, I knew I couldn’t do it all myself. That’s why I put together a crack team of professionals to help me. Chip is the Editor of the newsletter; he’s a 72-pound coon hound who also doubles as my family’s Chief Security Officer. He’s ably assisted by Molly, a beagle-hound mix who can hunt down grammar mistakes almost as well as she can chase squirrels, groundhogs, rabbits, lizards, turtles, and birds.

In November 2021, we added Cooper as our Intern after we won him in a drawing at our local Intern Rescue League. We believe that he’s some sort of Australian Shepherd mix. He’s currently learning the editorial ropes from Chip and Molly.


Nope. I won the Keeners in the drawing. Hoomans just don’t understand how these things work.