Inflection Point Timeline

Year Protagonist(s) Title
2050 Parker McCloud
The Jakarta Breach

Parker McCloud has been seconded from the US military to a United Nations unit fighting a whole new breed of terrorists and international threats.

2090 Freya Stanton
Banner Yet Waves

Freya Stanton may be the boss’s daughter, but that doesn’t give her much influence over the maritime dredging and construction her family built up over generations, not now that her father is ill. But when opportunity comes knocking, she’s going to seize her moment…even if it means dealing with hijackers, absconding with a submarine, and creating an international incident.

2112 Ulysses Perez
Dustbowl Detective

Ulysses Perez may be a man without a country, but he’s forged a career as a freelance trouble-shooter. Now he’s been asked to investigate the theft of ten boxcars from the tail of an AI-driven train. What he finds is going to change his life.

2114 Elizabeth Dunkirk
Ghost Team
Clash by Night

It’s 2114 and a traveling exhibition of priceless artwork has gone missing in war-ravaged Brazil. Emily Dunkirk and her band of mercenaries and art historians have a bold plan to rescue the works.

2114 Cal McCallister
Finders Keepers

In a world where clones are the new slave class, private detective Cal McCallister has just been paid a lot of cash to find an unregistered clone named Claudia who’s been snatched by a black market team of clone hunters. He’ll need all of his skills as an ex-soldier and an ex-cop to bring Claudia home. One thing for sure, he’s going to need the help of his dog Fen.