Thousand Kingdoms Timeline

Year Protagonist(s) Title
1319 Jonelle Crosse
Sable on the Loose

Sable is a mage’s familiar, a demon in the shape of a black cat. Bonded to Jonelle Crosse, Sable has decided that his duties include keeping Jonelle’s house safe and, by extension, the local neighborhood of Bexley Waterside. It’s a tough task, but he’s just the cat for the job.

Part of the Jonelle Crosse series. Short story.

1319 Jonelle Crosse

Jonelle Crosse has come to the city of Mezepiki to monitor the cleanup of the Shambles, a dangerous and not well-understood “area of magical disruption” left over from a long-ago battle. But it turns out that not everyone wants it cleaned up, and even those that do may have dastardly motives. And then there’s that persistent rumor…that there may be people still alive in the swirling mists of the Shambles.

Part of the Jonelle Crosse series. Novella. Also published in an anthology.

1318 Jonelle Crosse
Jonelle Crosse

Tolan Imrak is a courier, delivering messages and packages world-wide using his single magical talent, teleportation. He’s also bored out of his mind. So, when he encounters the cleaner, Jonelle Cross, who hunts demons and cleans up after magical battles, it’s like he’s encountered a whole new world of excitement and daring exploits. It doesn’t hurt that Jonelle is gorgeous, too.

#1 in the Jonelle Crosse series. Novelette. Also published in an anthology.

1318 Pageeda & Scuffee
Bitter Days

Pageeda, a young homeless girl living in the gritty port city of Cosaturi, struggles to hunt down the men who kidnapped her older sister. She is assisted by Scuffee, a young but strangely intelligent and oversized kitten.

#1 in the Pageeda & Scuffee series. Novelette.

1318 Faceless Assassin
Death Comes to Town

Blacksmith Tavish Kraigdhu was enjoying a well-deserved retirement from the Salasian Third Legion in the foothills of the Cragenrath Mountains when…death came to town. And nothing would ever be the same for the battle-hardened warrior.

#1 in the Faceless Assassin series. Novella.

1318 Faceless Assassin
Death Goes to a Ball

When Lady Concetta Gordana comes to the aid of a jilted young woman at a ball, she gets far more than she expected. It turns out that the body of the young lady’s paramour has been possessed by someone else. Furthermore, he’s not the only noble who’s been…replaced. There’s a new crime ring in town and Lady Concetta is going to have to use her very specialized skills to smash it.

#2 in the Faceless Assassin series. Novelette.

1316 Lydio Malik
Last Day on the Job

Lydio Malik is accustomed to danger. He’s been the royal bodyguard for eight-year-old Princess Analisa, the sole heir to the throne of Salasia, for almost her entire life. But now he’s leaving for a new and less stressful life outside the royal palace. It’s his last day on the job. What could possibly go wrong?

#2 in the Royal Defenders series. Novelette.

1308 Lydio Malik
The Rooftop Game

Lydio Malik is the Royal Bodyguard for the infant Princess Analisa. Trapped by assassins, he finds a unique way to hold them off.

#1 in the Royal Defenders series. Novelette.

1280 Bazylid Khazra
Chess Lessons

Prince Bazylid Khazra has got a lot of growing up to do. Between palace crises and looming war, he’s going to have to learn fast. But nobody expected him to learn so much from chess. Of course, nobody knew about his extra lessons with the ghostly Royal Guards who’d died defending his family over the centuries.


1271 Doona Walraven
Stone Spirits

All that the young Doona Walraven wanted was to be a chef in her uncle’s famous restaurant. That dream ends when the riverboat she’s traveling on is taken by pirates. It turns out, Doona has a much different destiny, one that will change the world. But first, she needs to kill a LOT of pirates.

#1 in the Paladins of the Orellana series. Novella.

1216 Cragenrath
Winter Roses

The young heir to the mountainous Cragenrath Kingdom thought he’d met the love of his life. Instead, he gets a lesson in crime, betrayal, magic and revenge.

Standalone Short Story.