Cosaturi: The Tween District and Map

Some of my Thousand Kingdoms fantasy stories are set in a gritty seaport called Cosaturi. The protagonist of Bitter Days, my latest story set in Cosaturi, features a homeless orphan girl named Pageeda growing up in the Tween, a rough and tumble district in the city’s Lowtown area.

A map and associated key for the Tween district were included in the print and ebook editions of the book. I’m pleased to present an expanded version of these materials, now set up as a “travel brochure,” for your enjoyment.

Cosaturi Map: The Tween District

Cosaturi District Map: The Tween

The Tween is an informal city district in Cosaturi’s Lowtown area, a vibrant, wedge-shaped neighborhood bounded by Sumber Street and Candle Street to the west and north, and Rowan Street to the south. The area is noted for being home to a multitude of Neferian refugees.

Map Key

  1. Malagovinah Watch Station
    The City Watch station responsible for policing the Tween. Guardsmen (and women) are known as “blackshirts” due to their black uniforms. The building is colloquially known as the “Briarpatch” (or just the “Patch”) because so many offenders taken there end up getting trapped by Cosaturi’s legally mandated “indenture” punishments. Guardsmen consider it the worst assignment location in the City Watch.
  2. Fisheye Pytor’s
    A “hole in the wall” seafood restaurant known for its fresh food, not its decor. One of a row of restaurants that collectively attracts a crowd of child beggars looking for handouts of coins or food.
  3. Akisma Market
    A bustling market area set up in a long open area between buildings, but which has also spread to nearby streets and alleys.
  4. Madame Zooey’s Emporium
  5. Mawgi’s Inn
  6. Moxin’s Smithy
  7. Hestrian Grotto
  8. Temple Hill
  9. Church of Turkos
  10. Fever Bluff

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