Death Comes To Town

Preview: Death Comes to Town

January 17, 2024 davidkeener 0

Blacksmith Tavish Kraigdhu is enjoying a well-deserved retirement from the Salasian Third Legion in the foothills of the Cragenrath Mountains. Sanders Avarez is trying to live up to the impossible expectations of his harsh father, the richest man in the bustling mining town of Shargol.
Nothing will ever be the same for either of them when…death comes to town…

Jungle Chase, in a Fantasy setting

Preview: Stone Spirits

June 9, 2023 davidkeener 0

Check out this preview of “Stone Spirits,” another story in my loosely connected Thousand Kingdoms series. The story features Doona Walraven, a young woman on the run from river pirates. All she wanted to do was travel downriver to be a chef in her uncle’s restaurant. Now, she doesn’t even know if she’ll be alive tomorrow…

Pageeda and Scuffee

Preview: Bitter Days

May 8, 2023 davidkeener 0

My new story, “Bitter Days,” is a mashup…a crime story in a fantasy setting. Pageeda is a young orphan girl living on the streets of a gritty port city. When her older sister goes missing, she has to track down the men who took her.

Cosaturi District Map

Cosaturi: The Tween District and Map

May 2, 2023 davidkeener 0

The protagonist of “Bitter Days,” my latest story set in the gritty fantasy seaport of Cosaturi, features a homeless orphan girl named Pageeda growing up in the Tween, a rough and tumble district in the city’s Lowtown area. A map and associated key for the Tween district were included in the book, and are also included here for your enjoyment.

Bitter Days (Wraparound Cover Image)

“Bitter Days” Just Published

April 30, 2023 davidkeener 0

My new fantasy novelette, BITTER DAYS, has just been published in the ebook and a deluxe trade paperback formats by Tannhauser Press, with an awe-inspiring cover by Glenn Porter. It’s a crime story and a coming of age story set in my “Thousand Kingdoms” fantasy series.


Cosaturi, a Bustling Seaport

July 21, 2022 davidkeener 3

Find out more about Cosaturi, the gritty, bustling seaport that serves as the setting for my “Pageeda & Scuffee” stories…starting with “Bitter Days.”