October 31, 2017 dkeener 0

Here’s a Halloween story called “Foreclosure,” which was created according to some very exacting microfiction rules. It tells a complete Halloween story in just 101 […]

Profile: Emily Dunkirk

Profile: Emily Dunkirk

October 30, 2017 dkeener 0

Emily Dunkirk is the protagonist of my book, “Clash by Night.” In 2114, she’s an art curator working for the Monumentalists, an international organization devoted […]

Build a Space Battle

Build a Space Battle

October 6, 2017 dkeener 0

I’ll be conducting my new workshop, “Build a Space Battle,” at Capclave 2017 tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it. Here’s the official description of […]


Amazon Kindle Tiers

September 12, 2017 dkeener 0

Amazon sells books in both print and ebook formats, but, frankly, most indie writers generate the bulk of their revenue from ebooks. Since most indie […]