Inspiration: Star Trek Night Hawks

Star Trek Night Hawks

Another version of Edward Hopper’s famous Night Hawks painting, but this time with a Star Trek slant. It seems like the least I could do after the last one, which was the Coronavirus version of Hopper’s famous painting. For some reason, I really like this one.


    • Hi Emily.

      I love the picture, as well. In fact, I love most of the variants that have been inspired by Edward Hopper’s original “Nighthawks” painting. However, I found this picture circulating as a meme on Facebook, so I’m not the original artist. Even if I was, I couldn’t sell copies without potentially getting into legal trouble…”Nighthawks” is a copyrighted piece of artwork. And the artist’s estate does protect its rights.

      Having said that, this is the largest, highest-quality copy of this picture that I’ve seen. Nothing is preventing you from printing it on glossy cardstock at your local UPS or FedEx store and then framing it for your own use (i.e. – hanging it on your wall), if that’s what you’d like.

      — Dave —

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