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Busy, busy, busy!In case anyone is curious what the life of a writer is like, especially an indie-published writer. In addition to the Day Job, and looking for a new Day Job since the old contract is ending, I’m doing the following stuff for the writing side of the house:

  1. Edits on “Clash By Night,” targeted for an October publication in the anthology, The Curator.
  2. Getting ready to staff and run my first table at a convention. I’ll be at Capclave 2018 with Tannhauser Press in Rockville, MD on Sep 28-30 selling books.
  3. I’m on Programming at Capclave 2018, so I’m prepping for four panels, including one that I’m moderating.
  4. I’m putting the final touches on the 2-hour workshop I’ll be conducting at Capclave: “Writing Killer Fight Scenes That Matter.”
  5. I’m in the middle of writing a time travel story (the working title is “Time Vortex“).
  6. I’m prepping for second draft edits to “Pivot Point,” a military steampunk story with airships, elves and dangerous science.
  7. I’m finishing a story called “Death Comes to Town” for publication in an anthology called Outsiders.
  8. I’m getting ready to publish my story “Bitter Days” in print and ebook next month (October).
  9. I’m finalizing the ebook for “The Rooftop Game,” which will be published about a week after Capclave.
  10. I’m prepping my story “Road Trip” for solo publication in December.
  11. I’ve started writing a series of “Writing Exercises” for my Writing Group, the Hourlings. These will also be released for free on my web site in PDF form.

So, yeah, I’m staying busy.

Oh, and just for the heck of it, I highlighted in red all of the significant pieces of content I’m working on in one form or another right now. From copyedits to second draft changes to publication prep.

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  1. Items (1 – 4, 7, 9, 11) were completed as expected.

    5. “Time Vortex” is on hiatus, sadly.

    6. “Pivot Point” is awaiting publication in a military steampunk anthology.

    8. “Bitter Days” is waiting to be published in an anthology called “Fantastic Crimes.”

    10. “Road Trip” is still waiting to be published because I haven’t found a good cover for it. Alas.

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