Hourlings Podcast E4: Marketing Madness (81m)

Episode 4 of the Hourlings Podcast Project is now available online. This episode is all about marketing books, with S. C. Megale providing input on marketing for the traditionally published path and the rest providing a view of what marketing is like in the indie-publishing world. Includes a candid discussion of what’s worked for the authors, and what hasn’t.

This episode features:

  • Martin Wilsey (Moderator) – Back from vacation
  • Jeffrey C. Jacobs
  • David Keener
  • S. C. Megale
  • Stephanie Mirro
  • Emma G. Rose

In the “What Has Inspired You in the Past Week?” segment of the podcast, David Keener’s inspiration over the last week has been rereading one of his favorite novels, The Snow Tiger, by Desmond Bagley. Though he died in 1983, Bagley was basically the United Kingdom’s version of Michael Crichton. His books typically combined a mystery plot with a science topic, such as avalanches, hurricane prediction, germ warfare, etc.

In The Snow Tiger, a New Zealand town in the late 1970s (before cell phones) is devastated by an avalanche. The ensuing investigation into the death toll explores what happened, why it happened, why so many people died, and who might ultimately have been responsible. It’s a good, tightly plotted mystery, with the science of avalanches right at the heart of it.

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