Have You Ever Wanted to be a Villain?

Oklahoma Salvage by Martin Wilsey

Oklahoma Salvage by Martin WilseyHave you ever wanted to be a villain? Have you wondered what type of villain you’d be? Well, I don’t have to wonder…because fellow author Martin Wilsey has imagined it for me. He made me a bad guy in his short story, Oklahoma Salvage, about shenanigans happening at a spaceship salvage yard.

In fan parlance, I’ve been tuckerized, i.e. – included as a character in a novel. The tactic is named for the late Wilson Tucker, best known for some excellent time travel novels such as The Year of the Quiet Sun (1970) and The Lincoln Hunters (1958). He had a habit of including the names of his friends as minor characters in his stories, which eventually led to the term tuckerizing or tuckerization being coined.

So, Marty tuckerized me in his short story and, ahem, I’ve tuckerized him in my upcoming SF detective novel, Finders, Keepers.

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