Three Quick Reads

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Three Short Books to Read

The only thing hotter than these stories is a forest fire. And my wife.

^^^^^She made me write that last part.

I have three short books, which I describes as Quick Reads, available in ebook and print editions. The books are:

  • The Rooftop Game: Lydio Malik, the Royal Defender of the infant Princess Analisa, will do whatever it takes to save his charge when the castle is overrun by enemies.
  • The Whispering Voice: Anna Brodie has two hours to rob a bank, or the bad guys will kill her family. She’ll take help wherever she can find it, even supernatural help.
  • An Unlikely Hero: Malcolm Jameson is about to leap off a bridge when a passing bicyclist stops and hands him a book. A Magic Book, with a mind of its own. His life will never be the same.

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