Released “Winter Roses” via SmashWords

Winter Roses at SmashWords
Winter Roses

“Winter Roses” is one of the first stories I wrote, way back in 2013. It’s too short to really be marketable, even if it is associated with my Thousand Kingdoms series (I also included it as an extra in The Rooftop Game). Anyway, I’ve had the story available for free on this website practically forever.

However, one of my friends gently pointed out that even a free story could do more work in terms of marketing my author brand. After all, somebody was only going to read the story if they were already aware of me and thus checking out my website. He suggested that I distribute it widely for free using SmashWords, which is an aggregation site that publishes to all kinds of other venues around the world.

So, today I published Winter Roses on Smashwords, with an Afterward that describes the genesis of the story. It will now be available, still for free, via online bookstores all around the world.

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