Anthology Overload!


Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it pours.

Somehow, schedules seem to have aligned so that I have four stories appearing in anthologies in 2023.

Lemme check. Yup, that’s a record for me.

Without further ado, here are the four stories…including links to purchase the various anthologies at your favorite retailer:

Title Pub WC Pages
Dustbowl Detective

In a splintered America transformed by climate change and war, Ulysses Perez ekes out a living as a private investigator in the “scrublands,” the strife-torn desert areas that nobody cares about anymore. His next case: tracking down who stole the last ten cars from an AI-controlled train.

Appearing In: Solar Flare

SF 6.9K 28
Hunting Expedition

When the Forever Inn, a magical tavern that appears in different times and places throughout the multiverse, settles in the Triassic, a diverse group of tourists goes on a hunting expedition. When their transportation is wrecked, they’re left stranded far from the inn. If they don’t get back in time, they’ll be trapped in the Triassic forever.

Appearing In: THe Forever Inn

Fantasy, SF 32K 128

Sanders Grenfell is a victim of the catastrophe that created the Shambles, a whirling maelstrom of magical disruption that has hundreds, possibly thousands, of people trapped within it. Caught on the edge of the disaster, Sanders is one of the very few who can leave the maelstrom. There’s only one problem. He’s totally invisible…unseen, unheard, unnoticed. When powerful people decide to end the Shambles once and for all, only one person can save them all.

Appearing In: Unnamed Anthology on the theme of “Clocks”

Fantasy 18K 72
Jonelle Crosse

Tolan Imrak is a courier, delivering messages and packages worldwide using his single magical talent, teleportation. He’s also bored out of his mind. So, when he encounters the cleaner, Jonelle Cross, who hunts demons and cleans up after magical battles, it’s like he’s encountered a whole new world of excitement and daring exploits. It doesn’t hurt that Jonelle is gorgeous, too.

Appearing In: Fantastic Detectives

Fantasy 11.6K 47

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