Forever Inn - Layout and Rules

Welcome to the Forever Inn

October 30, 2023 davidkeener 0

The Forever Inn is a magical establishment that travels throughout the multiverse, staying in each milieu for a few days or a week before moving on. It’s also a shared setting for an upcoming anthology called…you guessed it…The Forever Inn. In this post, you’ll find the “pages” of a faux brochure created to advertise the benefits of the Forever Inn as a tourist destination. It’s also a good introduction to the setting.

Worlds Enough Online Store

My Online Store Launches

October 24, 2023 davidkeener 0

I launched my online store today.
I’ve wanted to set up a store for a while, for a whole bunch of reasons. I wanted to be able to sell signed copies of my books, as well as related extras in the future.
So, I launched my own online store using Square. Most people are familiar with Square…their core competency is their credit card processing capabilities, which you can find on display just about everywhere.