Death Comes to Town Cover Image

Death Comes to Town

The above cover image is for my upcoming book “Death Comes to Town,” which is a Crime story (with a small touch of Horror) that takes place in a Fantasy setting. One of the key scenes is a duel fought between two highly accomplished sword-wielders on a snow-covered hill.

The image was created by Glenn Porter, a highly accomplished graphic artist who does conceptual work for films and electronic games. I licensed his artwork, a piece entitled “By the Sword,” for use as a book cover, with the understanding (backed up in the contract) that I would be making changes to adapt the work for my story.

Specifically, the original image featured a duel fought on level ground. I did a LOT of Photoshop work to turn it into a duel on a hillside. Rest assured, the impact of the image is all due to Glenn, and I’d like to hope that the revised image retains the intensity of his original work.

I hope you like it.

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