Hourlings at Work

Hourlings At WorkIn 2014, I became a charter member of the Loudoun Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers, a spin-off from a more general-focused writing group. With weekly meetings every Sunday morning, the group has been like bootcamp for the SF/Fantasy writers associated with the group, including myself.

Participating on Meetup as the Loudoun Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers, the group is more informally known as “The Hourlings.” This is the name under which the organization has published two anthologies, with a third on the way. The name is a bit of a takeoff on the “Inklings,” a legendary writing group in England that included J.R.R Tolkien, C. S. Lewis,​ and others.

To demonstrate how the group has progressed, I’ve compiled a list of all the publications that the members have made available for sale on Amazon since 2013. I’m pleased to add that I am amongst those writers who have begun releasing work to the public.


  1. Hi, David:
    This is Cindy Kibbe. I write as C.K. Donnelly. Several years ago, I spoke to The Hourlings Meetup group when I launched my novel Trine Rising. So much has changed, I’m sure, in all our lives. I’ve since left the group, but I’m still apparently in the group postings on Gmail. I can’t see how to leave the group myself, so I no longer get hourlings postings on my Google drive (ckibbe118@gmail.com). Is there a way to you can take me off the list or tell me how I can do it from my end?

    I appreciate your help!
    All the best and Happy Writing!
    Cindy (C.K. Donnelly) Kibbe

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