Hourlings Podcast E34: World-Building – Generation Ship (54m)

Episode 34 of the Hourlings Podcast Project (54 minutes) is now available on YouTube. The Daedalus Seven is a vast generation ship with multiple, diverse habitats on a doomed, never-ending voyage. David Keener designed the ship, then challenged our inestimable writers with a serious world-building exercise. Their mission is to design the civilizations, flora, fauna, and geographical conditions of the ship’s remaining habitable areas. And then brainstorm about the types of stories that might occur on the ship.

For more information about the world-buiilding exercise, see the following blog entries:

This episode features:

  • Martin Wilsey (Moderator)
  • Jeffrey C. Jacobs
  • David Keener (Topic Leader)
  • S. C. Megale

The podcast episode is available on YouTube.

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