Bullets, Beer & Gear

Bullets, Beer & Gear

Bullets, Beer and Gear

Get the latest scoop on the best gear from Jo Jo’s Ironmongery in Los Angeles, CA, Pacific Union…your one-stop shop for all your weaponry and surveillance needs. Plus beer, of course, because who doesn’t like beer?

This is actually an “in-universe” newsletter from Jo Jo’s Ironmongery, a top “gun shop” that equips not just regular consumers, but also security firms and mercenary units. Disguised as a faux newsletter, it’s actually a compendium of the equipment that has appeared in the various stories in my loosely connected Inflection Point series. Jo Jo’s Ironmongery was first featured in my upcoming novel Finders Keepers, but the gear described can also be seen in other stories such as Clash by Night and “Banner Yet Waves.”

I discovered the hard way that I needed to keep a gear list so that I could maintain consistency across the series. But then, I figured…what if I had some fun with it? What if I gave the list some attitude? I liked the idea of a compendium that not only provided details about the equipment (especially weapons) in my stories, but also communicated something of the flavor of my futuristic world.

Somewhere in all of this, of course, I had the idea of making it available as a freebie to my readers. Finally, attributing it Jo Jo’s Ironmongery, one of the most popular elements of Finders Keepers, just seemed like a fun idea.

And then, naturally, a faux newsletter needed a faux cover.

Hope you enjoy it…


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