Fantastic Detectives: Submissions Needed

In 2017, Donna Royston and I served as editors for Fantastic Defenders, a very successful fantasy anthology featuring up-and-coming indie writers. We’ve just contracted with Tannhauser Press to do a sequel anthology, which will be called Fantastic Detectives.

We’re looking for stories about crimes in fantasy settings, ranging from “second world” settings to urban fantasies (with a slight preference for the former—no more than a third of the anthology will be urban fantasies). Stories can have other elements such as romance, humor, action…but should primarily be about dealing with a crime (a theft, kidnapping, murder, etc.).

The due date is 12/31/21, with an expected publication date in May 2022. For more details, see the PDF for the Call for Submissions.


  1. As of right now, we’re getting about one submission a day. The Call for Submissions is currently listed on the Submission Grinder.

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