Balticon 54 and 55 Videos

So, I went off looking for the videos for this year’s Balticon 56. After all, it was a hybrid convention, with both an in-person and a virtual track. In fact, two of the seven panels I participated in were virtual panels held using Zoom (and featuring not only yours truly, but also authors from other states…and other countries). Additionally, some of the in-person panels were recorded as well.

Well, the Balticon 56 videos weren’t available yet, as best I could tell.

But Balticon was virtual (and free) in 2020 and 2021, and I discovered that all those videos are available on the convention’s YouTube site. Follow the link, scroll down, and you’ll find plenty of interesting videos to watch.

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  1. I’ve just been informed by Balticon management that the videos for Balticon 56 (2022) are now available. Right now, they’re only available from the Balticon virtual schedule page, which is only accessible to Balticon attendees (of either the in-person or virtual tracks).

    This is great, because now I get to see what I missed. I was on enough panels, and had other things going on, that I was only able to attend two panels as an audience member.

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