Hourlings Podcast Project: Medicine in Fiction (24m)

Season 2, Episode 9 of the Hourlings Podcast Project (24 minutes) is now available on YouTube. This episode’s topic is “Medicine in Fiction,” in which our illustrious panel discusses how medicine is handled in stories. From the effects of vacuum and zero-G on astronauts to the dangers of new worlds, from man-made viruses to nano-threats, our authors will cover everything they can think of. They’ll also talk about their favorite examples of doctors in SF books. *

This episode features:

  • Martin Wilsey (Moderator)
  • David Keener
  • S. C. Megale

The podcast episode is available on YouTube.

* Yes, Dave will do what he usually does, which is to pull examples of the shelves of his Ridiculously Large Library (RLL).

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