Hourlings Podcast Project: Time Travel in Fiction (41m)

Hourlings Podcast Project, S2E12 - Time Travel in Fiction

Season 2, Episode 12 of the Hourlings Podcast Project (41 minutes) is now available on YouTube. This episode’s topic is “Time Travel in Fiction,” in which our pugnacious panelists discuss time travel stories, starting with the basics…What fascinates people about time travel? Why would anybody WANT to travel into the past? If you could travel in time, what kind of time machine would you want (ex. – TARDIS, Delorean, hot tub, or space-time donut)?

And, if you’re going to write a time travel story, how do you establish consistent rules for how it works in your story? What about time loops? And, hey, what are some of the best time travel books and movies out there?

This episode features:

  • Martin Wilsey (Moderator)
  • David Keener
  • S. C. Megale

The podcast episode is available on YouTube.


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