Under Construction: Slidedecks & Workshops

Historically, I’ve made all my workshops and presentations available for free to viewers via a website called Slideshare.net. This site allowed people to search for, and view, my presentations both on their website, as well as embedded in other sites (such as my own).

A few years ago, the business was bought by LinkedIn. Apparently, it didn’t prove all that synergistic, or profitable, next to their other offerings. So, LinkedIn sold the company to Scribd, which has now put up a paywall so people can’t see my workshops for free as I’d originally intended. I understand Scribd’s desire to monetize their business, but now their “online presentations” service no longer fulfills my needs. I’ll also note that as far as I can tell, they didn’t consult me, or others, about the change.

The bottom line is that I’m converting my presentations and workshops to PDF files, which can be easily downloaded from the Media page of this site. My apologies for the inconvenience while this transition is being implemented.

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