Bluemont Fair – 2023

David Keener will be selling books at the Bluemont Fair

I’ll be selling and signing books at the 53rd Annual Bluemont Fair in Bluemont, VA this weekend. Come see me! (And besides me and my books, there are all kinds of arts & crafts, fun activities, food…you name it). I’m sharing a table with fellow authors Martin Wilsey and S. C. Megale.

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  1. Wow!. The Bluemont Fair was AWESOME. Well-organized and absolutely huge. With booksellers like me, but also with music, arts & crafts, children’s train rides (pulled by a small tractor with a route that took it around a big pond), pony rides, food trucks, a beer garden, and, so much more! Highly recommended!

    And yes, book sales were great, too! My top seller was Fantastic Detectives.

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