Six Years As a Published Writer

My bookshelf, after six years
My bookshelf, after six years

So, I’ve been publishing my stories for 6 years now. This is a picture of every publication I’ve been in, from anthologies to my solo books that have been published through Tannhauser Press.

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  1. The books are:

    Bitter Days
    Clash by Night
    Jakarta Breach, The
    Road Trip
    Rooftop Game, The
    Unlikely Hero, An
    Whispering Voice, The

    The anthologies are:

    Black Market
    Curator, The
    Fantastic Defenders
    Fantastic Detectives
    Outsiders, The
    Restless Spirits
    Second Round
    Solar Flare
    Tranquility and Other Myths
    Uncommon Threads

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