Coming Soon (2024 Edition)

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

2024 EditionWelcome to the 2024 edition of my irregularly scheduled Coming Soon feature.

I’m fortunate that 2023 has been my best year ever for book sales, by a wide margin. I’m expecting that 2024 will be even better, given that I seem to have surpassed some sort of critical mass in terms of name recognition, number of sales events, available products, etc. I hope you’ll all come along for the ride, too.

I’ve got a bunch of writing and publishing projects going on. Without further ado, here they are:

Fantasy Stories

  • Jonelle Crosse: A monster-hunting novelette set in my Thousand Kingdoms series. It was originally published in the Fantastic Detectives anthology. With the rights returning to me in January, I’ll be publishing it on Leap Day, February 29, 2024. That will give me three solo-published novelettes in the series (along with The Rooftop Game and Bitter Days), which is great for marketing purposes.
  • Death Comes to Town: This is a fantasy novella that was originally published in an anthology called The Outsiders. It’s another mashup (crime, fantasy, and horror) set in my Thousand Kingdoms universe. I’ve decided to expand it a bit, prior to its solo publication in mid-2024.
  • Pivot Point: This is a novella about a war between the elves and humanity, as the French Empire and its allies face up against an existential threat. It’s a mashup of steampunk and military SF. It’s targeted as an anchor story for a military steampunk anthology that I’d like to work on after The Forever Inn.
  • Run Hard, Run Fast: This is a novelette about a distant post-apocalyptic future where magic has returned to the world, featuring a girl who wants to become a shaman. Expected for a 2024 release, either solo or in an online magazine.
  • Invisible: This is a novella set in my Thousand Kingdoms series, featuring a cameo from Jonelle Crosse. Expected completion in early 2024, with publication sometime in the spring.
  • Sable on the Loose: A novelette about Sable, a cat who is Jonelle Crosse’s familiar, solving a crime in the neighborhood where Jonelle Crosse lives.
  • Agnes Poindexter: A paranormal mystery featuring a detective team consisting of an invalid with the power to see things, and her assistant who helps her solve crimes. Already outlined and due for a late 2024 release (unless I can find an anthology or online magazine that will take it).

SF Stories

I’ve got two stories coming out this year set in my Inflection Point universe.

  • Dustbowl Detective: This is a detective story set in 2112, featuring Ulysses Perez and set in the same universe as Clash by Night and Finders Keepers. It was originally published in a climate change anthology called Solar Flare. I’ll be publishing it solo in August 2024.
  • Finders Keepers: This is a detective story set in 2114, in the same universe as my short novel, Clash by Night. It was originally published in an anthology called Black Markets. I’m expanding it for its solo publication as a novel, which is targeted for the first quarter of 2024.


  • The Forever Inn: This is an anthology of stories taking place in a shared setting, an inn that can appear anywhere in the multiverse. OK, somehow this project completely fell apart during the pandemic, then crashed into the schedule for my next anthology, Fantastic Detectives, after which I had to set it aside. Still, however late it is, I have stories and signed contracts and will be publishing this in 2024, come hell or high water. Mid-summer, hopefully.


I’m basically doubling down on events, workshops, and other activities in 2024.

  • Workshops: For something like the fifth time, I’m the Workshop Coordinator for Capclave. I’ve also been asked to help this year with the workshop track for Balticon. Plus, I’ve begun doing (paid) workshop gigs for local library systems. As you can see, I’ll be doing more workshops this year than ever before.

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