Re-Hosting Completed

Thanks to everybody for your thoughts and good wishes over the past week. Yes, I’ve been able to get everything moved to my new hosting platform, OpalStack. It took a lot of work to get everything moved. I’d been with WebFaction (RIP) since 2006, so my web properties were distinctly enterprise-level in size and scope after all this time.

For the curious, here are some thumbnails of the sites after the move…


The sites are:

For the websites, the move included not just a migration, but also an upgrade to PHP (the programming language that WordPress is implemented in), an upgrade to a new WordPress version, and updates to the themes used by each site. Additionally, my archive of stories (including historical versions) has been moved, as well as various code repositories, my collections of digital screenplays, mailboxes, etc.

Whew! I’m done.

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