“Fantastic Detectives” Launches

Fantastic Detectives, Full Cover

Fantastic Detectives, the new anthology from editors Donna Royston and myself launched today. The new volume contains a Baker’s Dozen of fantasy/crime stories from an international set of authors. Includes my novelette, “Jonelle Crosse,” set in my Thousand Kingdoms setting.

Want to know more? Here you go…

Magic & Murder

From worlds like our own, except for a touch of magic or the supernatural, to completely unique fantasy realms, there will always be those who use their powers for murder and mayhem.

Come meet the stubborn detectives who simply won’t let those crimes go unsolved…

  • A Duelist-at-Law intervenes in the matter of a deadly affair of honor.
  • A private detective who takes on ghosts for clients…provided their estate can pay him.
  • A poet attempts to avert a man’s unjust execution…using strategically applied haiku.
  • A rabbi wizard has a Hell of a hard time tracking down an undead murderer.
  • An albino nun investigates a murder that could only have been committed by an angel.
  • A knight-mage atones for her past sins by tracking down the source of an evil blood curse.
  • A professional “cleaner” deals with a demon summoning​ gone terribly wrong.

Plus even more stories from some of the finest crime and fantasy writers in the field!

Contributors include: Reed Bonadonna, Gregg Chamberlain, Robert Finegold, David Keener, Emma Melville, Jeff Patterson, Maria Prokopyeva, Daniel Robichaud, Donna Royston, Shannon Taft, David Tatum, Martin Wilsey, and Austin Worley.

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